Hello my friends. I am Ramunas. Lithuanian men from the middle of Europe. Simple thing, photography and music for me is my life. Sometime dark, sometimes colorful live vision, sound from inside, pushing me everyday, the camera helps me show to people the beautiful world around us. The first picture has been taken ten years ago by mobile phone was a bad quality, but I found my way, my light in beginning trying to find some new styles, colors and some techniques. Modern art, surrealism, fine art, live photography, abstracts. That's what impressed me. Video and music making is amazing thing for me as well. Some people ask me-maybe too much? I don't think so because love that. Hope you will find some right energy in my works. Peace and love. Best wishes


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  • Color Photography
  • Fine Art Photography
  • Modern Photography
  • Photo Sessions
  • Event Photography
  • Slide Show Making
  • Video Making
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