Hello my friends, my name is Maryte and I was born in beautiful country Lithuania. It's the middle of Europe. Today my home is London. When I am free, I'm always traveling around UK. We all have a visions, everyday something different around us. Sometimes your day is sad, sometimes more than great. Life is like moving.There are a lot of frames. Some people ask me why you like photography? Because I can capture the moments. Sometimes the moments disappear. It doesn't appear from my heart, just from reality. Camera gives a good chance to show for your miracles. Most important is people, fantasy, moment and beauty. First thoughts about photography was born ten years ago. Some visions, random situations, will be honest, don't know whether I have my own style or not. Fine art, surrealism, abstracts, live photography, modern art impressed me. One thing is really important for me. Do not follow the standard.This thing just destroying beauty.You may to loose a vision. Always need to try to find something more beautiful. Everything around us my friends, visible and invisible world. I hope you will find something unusual in my works.Thank you so much for your time. Best wishes


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